About Us

"We're a group of filmmakers who make

each other's dreams comes true."  - Danielle Lurie


Filmmaker Magazine, Photo by Danielle Lurie

Film Fatales is a collective of female filmmakers who have directed at least one feature narrative or documentary film. 


Members meet the first week of every month, hosted at the home of a different filmmaker each time. Gatherings consist of a meal, a topical conversation relevant to the creative process, and a sharing of current projects. 


Based in New York, with chapters sprouting across the globe, Film Fatales has quickly become a grassroots community of collaboration and support. By offering a space for mentorship, peer networking and direct participation, Film Fatales hopes to promote the creation of more stories by and about women."




"The film game is tougher for us. If we're going to win it, we need to get in each other's corners and root hard."  - Emily Abt (Toe to Toe)


"Fatales is a place where I can say I want it all. I want to be an artist, telling the stories I want to tell without compromises, I want to have a family and be a director! I want to travel the world seeking out stories that inspire, that break our hearts, that make us feel alive. It is a place where I can say all these things and instead of telling me I'm delusional they will tell me, "How can I help you?"  - Paola Mendoza (Entre Nos)


"The Fatales are great because it's a space in which people can be completely honest about the challenges of filmmaking, and not feel like they have to be constantly displaying optimism or promoting themselves. And as a result, the conversations we have there are really fruitful, and tend to lead to actual solutions." 

- Martha Shane (After Tiller)


"The Fatales have helped me find comfort and strength in numbers, helped me to feel seen, and have showed me that there are tons of women who are working just as hard as I am, and who I can give to and receive support from."  - Josephine Decker (Butter on the Latch)


"In a male dominated industry, it's refreshing and necessary to have a place to gather and discuss issues that we deal with in a supportive environment."  - Ry Russo-Young (Nobody Walks)


"Films Fatales has allowed me to feel like part of a community, a community of talented, inspiring and supportive female filmmakers who are experiencing the same challenges as I do as a woman working in a highly competitive and male-dominated field. I believe that the best way to bring about change in the industry and to create more platforms for female-helmed films is through solidarity and community, and that is exactly what we are doing with this group. Women need to join together and help each other."  - Eva Aridjis (Saint Death)


"In addition to the practical support of networking, sharing resources, contacts, advice, to be surrounded by this enormous group of women all working passionately and rigorously to make their films is so inspiring. It makes me feel less alone and gives me courage." 

- Deborah Kampmeier (Hounddog, SPLiT)


"There hasn’t been one time that I’ve gone to a group and haven’t walked away with some jolt of inspiration. And the truth is it makes you feel powerful -- like you’ve got this gang who has your back and you have theirs" 

- Stewart Thorndike (Lyle)